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HP drops $30 million on streaming music app developer Melodeo

I'm starting to feel like I'm just about the last person on Earth who hasn't purchased a streaming music service. HP is the latest to get in on the audio action, gobbling up Seattle-based Melodeo for $30 million.

While you may not have heard of the service (I hadn't until today), their site attracts about two million unique visitors per month. As TechCrunch's Evelyn Rusli points out, Melodeo's nuTsie app makes a nice follow-up to HP's earlier acquisition of Palm -- since nuTsie enables users to stream iTunes music to their mobile devices.

HP's certainly got a lot on its it plate right now -- Phoenix's instant-on Hyperspace, a possible WebOS tablet, nuTsie -- and they've got their hands in the Chrome OS cookie dough right now as well.

What do you think, DS readers? Will HP be able to produce something amazing from this amalgamation, or are you anticipating more Apple device wanna-bes?
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