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How To: Read PDFs in Apple's iBooks with a little help from Dropbox

I jumped for joy when I saw a post at Lifehacker explaining how to read PDFs on your iPhone or iPad using Apple's new iBooks app. I figured someone would come up with a way to do it, and I should have known it would rely on the ultra-useful Dropbox. Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage app that works on several platforms, and one of them happens to be iOS, making it possible to transfer PDF files to your mobile device.

Once you've got the files uploaded to Dropbox, though, how do you get them into iBooks? Just find the PDF in Dropbox on your phone, hit "Open With" and choose iBooks. It's easy as pie, and your PDF files will automatically sync through Dropbox, too. You don't even have to bother plugging in your device or using iTunes. Brilliant!

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