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Limewire won't die, zombie version to bring iTunes + cloud integration?

They may have had their pants sued off, but that's not stopping the half-naked crew at Limewire from making yet another foray into the digital music business. Yes, like a slobbering brain-hungry zombie that just won't die, Limewire is back from the dead and bent on taking over the world.

Well, the world of cloud-powered digital music, anyway. According to a report from Digital Music News, the reincarnated Limewire will boast all kinds of cloud integration features -- including pulling your iTunes up into the stratosphere.

"Users will have complete and instant access to their entire library and catalog across their desktop, devices, and in the cloud," said one Limewire exec. "By syncing iTunes playlists and content to the cloud, users' existing libraries are available to access and stream to a wide range of connected devices."

Well, good luck with that fellas -- and here's hoping you beat to the punch. It's set to launch in the cloud later this summer, in case you weren't aware.

Regardless, Limewire execs are saying the new service has been well-received by record industry bigshots. Hey, they'd have to like the new idea better than the old model where Limewire's users mostly just uploaded and downloaded songs they probably hand't paid for.

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