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Fun Booth 2 adds World Cup paraphernalia to your photos

Because Download Squad is always* super-relevant and topical when it comes to sports coverage, here's another app that lets you show your virtual support for your favorite World Cup team. Fun Booth 2 is like a souped-up version of the Photo Booth app for Mac, and it now includes all kinds of World Cup props that you can add to your photos.

Adding team-colored beanies, jerseys, and more to your pics is Fun Booth's trendiest feature, but it's got other tricks that make it worth a look even after the World Cup. Fun Booth has a library of other props, and it uses facial recognition to make them fit your photo perfectly. It also lets you drag and drop your own props or draw on your photos. There are even some limited photo editing capabilities, like adjusting brightness/contrast and saturation. The full version of Fun Booth 2 is US $19.99, but there's also a free trial edition that you can download to see if it's something you want to keep around.

*for very, very small values of "always."

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