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Watch the first "made-for-torrent" drama series: Pioneer One

It's pretty amazing what $6,000 USD can accomplish when there are enough people willing to work for free. That's how much the pilot episode of Pioneer One cost to shoot, and the entire amount was raised at Kickstarter. The series is the latest indie-project to be brought to the P2P universe by VODO, which stands for VOluntary DOnation.

VODO works to bring indie films -- that wouldn't otherwise be seen by a large audience -- to the public by unleashing them on the various P2P networks, legally, and free of charge. The projects are funded entirely by donation. Until now, these projects have been mainly indie-films and shorts, but VODO is trying to expand into music and books as well. Pioneer One is different in that it isn't just their first foray into TV-like programming; it's the first series made specifically for P2P audiences.

You can grab the pilot episode of Pioneer One as a wonderfully large 720p H.264 Matroska video file, and there are several methods for downloading it at the main landing site. You don't even have to use a BitTorrent client if you don't want to -- they have direct download links as well.

I won't spoil it for those who want to watch the pilot, but I will say that it surprised me. It was actually pretty good, and I found myself wishing there were more episodes available when it finished. It's a bit like X-Files with a tinge of Stranger in a Strange Land, all wrapped in a modern campy approach to film-making. At the very least, it's definitely worth the download.

(Image: TPB)

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