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ToRead bookmarklet emails you an article with one click

There are plenty of ways to save an article for later reading. Read it Later and Instapaper are just two of them. ToRead is a little bit different, though; it's a bookmarklet that sends a cached version of a Web page (or just the text of an article) straight to your inbox with one click, so you can read it later.

Yeah, the website is sort of hideous, but the service works as advertised.

Pretty much every mobile device lets you email yourself an article so that you can read it on your computer later. ToRead is the easiest way that I've seen to go the other way. With Gmail storage being what it is these days, and with so many mobile devices perfectly suited for reading email, it makes a lot of sense to send yourself a nicely-formatted article and read it on your mobile device. I just wish that it would generate your custom bookmarklet on the Web page, instead of emailing you the link. It also doesn't hurt to use Readability, Safari Reader, or a similar bookmarklet first, because almost all of them look better than ToRead's plain text mode.

[via Lifehacker]

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