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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 beta invites dispatched; testing to begin shortly

The site that always reminds me of Neopets -- Neowin -- is reporting that Windows 7 SP1 beta invites have started to appear in the email inboxes of beta testing candidates.

Now, if you're too lazy to click through to Neopets, here are the rest of the details. First, there isn't anything we don't already know. The service pack will be made available in a variety of European languages and Japanese. SP1 also rolls together every hotfix and patch, which means brand new computers that ship with it will be inherently more stable and secure. It'll also make updating your friends' and family's computers a whole lot easier.

Other than the possibility of USB 3.0 and improved Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection quality, that's about it for Windows 7 SP1. The Windows Server 2008 service pack is due out at the same time, however, and that will feature the inclusion of both Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX -- two really exciting technologies that will sadly only be available for Windows Servers.

I can see that we haven't covered either of those technologies here on Download Squad; I'll try to bring you up to speed on them tomorrow!

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