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RecycleBinEx is an awesome recycle bin app for your Windows 7 taskbar

I admit it -- I'm not much of a Recycle Bin user. Usually if I press the delete key on my Windows system I'm also holding down the shift key for instant vaporization. If, however, you enjoy the safety net that the Recycle Bin provides and you're using Windows 7, you really should check out RecycleBinEx.

It's made by the same developers who created FCleaner -- a very capable CCleaner alternative. Via the RecycleBineEx Jump List you'll be able to quickly empty deleted files right from your task bar. You're not limited to wholesale purging, however -- RecycleBinEx can also delete items of a certain age (6 pre-configured options are available).

Launch the main program window and you've got the option to sort by data and filter your bin's contents -- handy if you're trying to retrieve the file equivalent of a needle in a haystack. The app also features command line scripting and integrates with the Windows Recycle Bin's context menu and you can even set it to auto-delete files that are older than a certain number of days.

RecycleBinEx is a free download and runs on Windows XP or newer.

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