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Pick&Zip lets you download any Facebook album as a ZIP or PDF

Despite being the largest image sharing service in the world, Facebook still has a depressingly short list of crippled features when it comes to photo albums. You can add a description, tag friends... aaaand... that's about it. When news broke yesterday about Flickr and Facebook teaming up I actually squealed with delight -- this is it! -- and then I realised it was just Flickr importing your new uploads to Facebook. Mega lame.

Now, Pick&Zip is by no means the only app that lets you backup Facebook photos, but it's definitely the most lightweight and simple tool I've tried. All you do is sign in, browse albums or people, and download the photos. You can either download the photos as a ZIP or as a pre-compiled PDF. I'd recommend the ZIP option because the PDF seems to pointlessly up-scale your photos, exacerbating the poor JPEG quality of images on Facebook.

Seriously though, why doesn't Facebook just offer a 'backup my photos' button? In a world where almost no one prints hard copy photos and scant few keep proper digital backups, it's the least that Facebook could do!

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