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Google Earth 3.0 released for iPhone and iPad; desktop version 5.2 now includes WebKit-based browser

First, let me just say that I don't own either an iPhone or an iPad -- but when something looks this good, I can't ignore it. It almost makes me want to get an iPad... and a sofa to sit on while I use it...

Anyway, Google Earth 3.0 has been released. It's free, but weighs in at a hefty 13MB... so tether before you download it!

Those of you that have used previous versions won't notice many differences. 3.0 does, however, bring complete iPad support -- including high-resolution imagery to make the most of your larger screen. (Incidentally, did anyone notice that the iPhone 4GS has a very similar screen resolution to the iPad?)

Other than iPad support, there's a Road layer -- and 'layer support' -- but not being an iPhone or iPad user, I have no idea of that's important or not. Again, it's a free download, so just download it and enjoy!

In other news, Google Earth 5.2 for desktop machines was released yesterday. Amongst other changes, it now includes an integrated WebKit-based browser (it's not full-on Chrome, and the V8 JavaScript engine is not included). No longer must you leave Google Earth to follow Wiki links!

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