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Chrome extension displays sender's picture in conversation threads to liven up GMail

I've been using Gmail for years now, and while it's been a dependable workhorse for me sometimes it feels a little on the spartan side. Themes are nice, but it'd be nice to jazz up the conversation threads in some small way... For example, by letting me see the profile picture of the person who sent me the message I'm reading.

Well, would you look at that! Someone put together a Google Chrome extension which does exactly that. If your sender has a picture attached to their Google profile, the extension adds it in below the reply/forward/etc. drop down.

And on the off chance that you can't remember who a sender is by their name alone, now you'll have a handy visual reminder. Unless, of course, they don't have a profile pic -- in which case you'll just see a light blue cartoony head. In that particular case, it probably won't be helpful unless you're communicating with Brainy Smurf.

Personally, I just enjoy a small image breaking up the monotony of text which I've grown accustomed to in my inbox.

One more thing: no RAM is used by this extension. Sweet.

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