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Facebook and Flickr team up for photo sharing, and it totally makes sense

When Yahoo! released its new Yahoo! Pulse profile pages and took Facebook integration to the extreme, you might have thought "This is great for my news feed, but what about photos?" No worries, my photo-loving chum! Yahoo!'s Flickr photosharing service basically got married to Facebook a few days ago, so your days of having to upload albums to both sites are through!

Your public Flickr photos can now be automatically dropped into your Facebook account. It even respects your Flickr privacy settings, which isn't exactly a given with Facebook these days. You can turn the new integration on at Flickr's extend page, and it will automatically start sharing the photos you upload using Yahoo! Updates, which is the same thing that ties all your social networks together on Yahoo! Pulse. This move makes an astounding, forehead-slapping amount of sense, considering that Facebook is the biggest photo sharing site in the world, and Flickr is (arguably) the best.

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