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Hey Twitter, you wanna fix this crap?

Look, Twitter, I know you're busy taking care of things like possible revenue streams and performance glitches, but do you think we could maybe take some time and do something about all the malicious link spam crudding up the joint?

When the site redesign was launched a while back, the inclusion of the public stream and trending topics seemed like a good way to show potential Twitter initiates what the service is all about. And that's exactly what it does, though maybe not in quite the way I'd like it to.

See, every day I get people asking me what Twitter is and what you can do on the site. Based on what I see in the public stream, there's every chance that you'll get hijacked, infected, or otherwise violated via your browser -- right on the landing page at!

Twitter is simply too big to keep allowing this kind of stuff to go on unabated. So come on, crew... How's about putting a stop to some of the scambots? Hey, you might even free up some resources and chase away a few whales in the process...

Tags: fail, malicious, scam, spam, twitter