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Finland considering legalization of unsecured home WiFi networks

The Finnish Ministry of Justice may be realizing just how silly it is to criminalize unsecured home Wi-Fi networks. At least, if the report from YLE News in Finland has any credence, anyway. The original report itself is in Finnish, but a facepalmingly-garbled Google translation can be viewed here. Apparently, Wi-Fi networks in Finland are often just as unsecured as they are everywhere else (I guess everyone has "the neighborhood Linksys"), and the majority of the Ministry agrees that it just isn't worth the hassle anymore.

The report cites several of the Government's reasons for possibly reversing its stance on the issue: It's a "crime" that's difficult to monitor in the first place, there's a clear lack of harm, they're easy to conceal, and people already have a hard enough time discerning which unsecured networks are meant to be public (like at parks and airports), and which are illegally left open.

While it's not commonplace to treat unsecured Wi-Fi as contraband, it's still an issue that crops up from time to time. Just last month, it was ruled in Germany that all private Wi-Fi networks must legally be secured, or their owners could be fined for any unlawful use of them by third parties. So while some countries are clamping down a bit, it's nice to know that others are loosening up.

(YLE News via Slashdot)

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