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If you hated yesterday's forced-wallpapering of Google Search, you weren't alone

About a week ago, we poked fun at Google's new background-image option for being decidedly Bing-like -- because let's face it, it was (except for the whole Google allowing choice thing). Along with actually allowing users to choose their own background image, users initially still had the option of leaving Google Search the way that many say it was meant to be: spartan.

Then, late Wednesday night, Google's Marissa Mayer posted on their official blog that there would be 24 hours of auto-cycling background images on the Search page. One problem with that was that hardly anybody pays attention to the official Google blog, and half the Internet began to freak out and curse their screens as they went to to find that it had suddenly turned into a Bing lookalike. Needless to say, what was meant to be a showcase of a new feature quickly turned into Google Buzz II: the Redux.

It only took a few hours of intensely negative feedback in all of the major social networks (along with "how to remove background from Google," and its many variants, reaching the top-ten most searched items) for Google to prematurely pull the plug on the 24 hour demo.

According to PC World, Mayer later said that, due to a coding error or glitch, a blurb explaining why there was a background image to begin with never appeared on the Search page. That little bit of explanation could have silenced the roar of a thousand tweets had users ever seen it.

However, given the extraordinary number of people that were seemingly unable to notice the link that clearly says "change background image," I have a feeling that there would have been uproar even if an explanation had been provided on the page.

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