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Hotmail finally removes annoying taglines from the footers of your messages

Less than a month ago, Microsoft's Hotmail went through a well-received reboot, but our own Lee Mathews delivered an epic rant about the taglines in the footers of messages anyway. "FAIL!" he cried! How can we use these email addresses for professional purposes when they're still tacking on ads at the bottoms of our messages? That's so early-90s AOL (yes, we're allowed to do that... )!

Thankfully, the pleas of Lee and everyone else who found the taglines frustrating have been heard. Microsoft is getting rid of them altogether, moving Hotmail one step closer to being seen as a serious email service. Hotmail's reputation as your parents' webmail provider will take a while to reverse, but this is definitely the place to start.

The messages you get from Microsoft in your Hotmail account will also now stop coming if you don't open them, and the ones you do open will tell MS which future messages might be relevant to you. I'm not familiar with how much spam Hotmail accounts get from Microsoft, but even if it's not very much, less is always better.

I know we love to beat up on Hotmail, but in this case, Microsoft deserves our congratulations. Good move, Hotmail team!

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