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SPGrab lets you share screenshots effortlessly


It seems like applications for quickly sharing screenshots are all the rage these days; first we get Gyazo, then we get extra sharing options with Screenpresso, and now we get dead-simple sharing again with SPGrab.

SPGrab is slightly more powerful than Gyazo in that it lets you configure your own hotkeys and also select whether you want to capture the entire screen or just a section.

By default, it instantly uploads the images to its own FTP servers and copies the path to your clipboard. You can configure your own FTP server if that makes you feel more comfortable, though.

One thing that really bugs me about these two applications is that there is no way to remove an image from the server once it's up there, and there's no clear privacy policy. What if I just took a screenshot, and then I notice that it includes some sensitive information that I wish I had blurred out? I know it's my bad, but at least give me an option to remove it from the server somehow.

Still, if you're in a rush to share some images of your screen, both Gyazo and SPGrab are fairly painless, if minimalistic, solutions.

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