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Google adds World Cup themes category to Chrome Extensions Gallery, underscores its failings

Good: Google has added a boatload of new World Cup themes to the Chrome Extensions Gallery. Now you can proudly display your nation's colors as a theme on your Chrome browser!

Bad: It's a perfect example of what is wrong with the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

The themes actually appeared late yesterday, though they looked like extension spam to me. There were no screenshots posted. They're not labeled as themes. Their titles, if you browse via the recent extensions link, only show the name of the country. The image you see below is the "detail" page for the England theme.

Today, at least, there's a new category added to the landing page -- and when you click through the World Cup link the page does announce " Paint your browser in your team colors with Chrome themes." Again, though, it's listed under Sports, Shopping, by Google, Web Development -- which are all about extensions, not themes.

It really is time to give themes their own home. Chrome, after all, doesn't take you to the Extensions Gallery when you choose to get themes via the wrench menu's options page. No, it takes you to the themes site.

So how about it Google? Can we please add a "user created" section next to Themes by Artists and Themes by Google and get them out of the Extensions Gallery once and for all?

Maybe after that we can work on categorized listings and related extensions, but let's take things one step at a time for now...

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