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Adobe releases AIR 2, standalone SDK download coming soon

Adobe just released the finished version of Adobe AIR 2, its cross-platform framework for apps. That means developers on Windows, Mac and Linux can deploy their AIR 2 apps today.

For users, this means new versions of the AIR apps you love are probably coming very soon... That's assuming that you love any AIR apps at all. AIR is notorious for its instability and memory-hogging, but AIR 2 should go a long way toward fixing that.

We've covered the features of AIR 2 before, but they're worth repeating here. AIR apps can now access files on external mass storage devices, and they support dragging-and-dropping files, multitouch gestures, microphones and more. On top of that, there are the all-important fixes for memory use (apps will use up to 30% less memory now!) that should lead to much better performance. Will they be as fast as native apps? Almost certainly not, but it should be faster than it was, and crash less often.

If you're a developer looking to get your hands on the AIR 2 SDK, it will be part of Adobe CS5 and also available as a standalone download on June 15th.

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