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Google begins integrating Voice into Gmail

Sure, this is an expected development seeing as Google has been snapping up VoIP companies and expanding Google Voice, but it's still awesome news. Alex Chitu of Google OS has reported that they're in the process of testing full-on Voice integration in Gmail.

When I noticed the UI tweaks in Gmail chat yesterday, I suspected something was up. Right now, it's mostly cosmetic. Soon enough, however, we'll probably all be able to make VoIP calls right from our inboxes.

The dial pad that is pictured also includes options to search for contacts and allows you to check your current balance on Google Voice.

There's a desktop app in the works, too -- or at least there was, following the acquisition of Gizmo5. If the Gmail integration is slick enough, there may not be a reason to push a standalone app.

Bonus points to Chitu for the screenshot with the (440) area code. That's my old haunt!
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