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Yahoo! Pulse launches, with full-on Facebook integration

Yahoo!'s relationship with Facebook just got a lot closer, with the launch of Yahoo! Pulse, a reboot of Yahoo! Profiles that offers seriously in-depth Facebook integration. You can link your Facebook and Pulse accounts, sign in on either site, and read your Facebook News Feed via Pulse. Of course, you can cross-post to both Pulse and Facebook, and comment on friends' posts on either one.

Basically, Yahoo! is making your Facebook stream just as prominent as its own updates when you use Yahoo! Pulse, and that's a big bet on Facebook's continued dominance. Ironically (considering Facebook's famous struggles with privacy settings) the other big change in Yahoo! Pulse is a new privacy dashboard where you can fine-tune your sharing settings and control the apps and sites you link to your Pulse account.

[via TechCrunch]

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