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Blank Canvas lets you manage, edit Greasemonkey userscripts in Google Chrome

While Google Chrome knows what they are and installs Greasemonkey userscripts the same way it does Chrome extensions, there's not a very good way to manage your scripts once they're installed. As is the case with so many other software annoyances and shortcomings, an enterprising developer has built an add-on that spiffs things up.

Blank Canvas Script Handler is an excellent extension to install if you browse with a number of userscripts. Install the extension and a script icon appears in your browser actions area. Click it to display your installed scripts, see what features they utilize, and see where they run. You can also enable and disable scripts, delete them, and edit their source code.

Developer Jerome Dane also hopes to implement all the Greasemonkey functions that are missing in Google Chrome. As Jerome puts it, "Even though Chrome now supports installing user scripts as extensions, they completely left out support for most of the syntax that script writers have been using for years now, so most scripts would have to be redone to work with Chrome."

You can find Blank Canvas in the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. It's a must-have for userscript fans.
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