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SecondBar put the OS X menubar on both of your Mac's dual monitors

If you are among the fortunate souls who run a Mac with a dual monitor setup, you'll want to check out SecondBar. Normally, you'd be stuck with the OS X menubar on just one monitor, forcing you to move your mouse back to your main screen whenever you want to access it. SecondBar solves that problem by putting a second menu bar on your other monitor.

SecondBar has a few weaknesses -- it's Snow Leopard-only, and it doesn't copy your extra menubar apps onto the second bar. It does give you access to the Apple Menu and the menubar for the active application, though, which can be extremely useful. it also has keyboard shortcuts to resize and reposition windows to one half of the screen, in case you need to view documents side by side on that second monitor.

Oh, and SecondBar is also completely free. Probably good, considering how pricey those delicious Apple Cinema Displays are.

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