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HelloMovies helps you quickly find what movies to watch


HelloMovies is a quick and easy-to-use website for filtering the enormous glut of films into a more manageable list of stuff you might actually enjoy watching.

Using a simple sidebar filter, you can quickly whittle down the complete list of films by genre, style, approximate release date (very approximate – think "1990's"), language, and even by films that won a major award.

Once you narrow the list down to a manageable size, it's time to sort. You can sort by release date, popularity, or rating. I'm not sure how popularity is determined, but the ratings seem like a nice mashup of Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Netflix, and something called "The Critics' Choice" -- which originates from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. The site also has its own internal rating system that it throws into the mix.

While the site itself seems a tad lacking in suavity or design chic, don't let its simple look deceive you. The results seem very solid, and the interface is usable and fast. I will definitely be coming back to this one.

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