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Easily import and export your Adobe Photoshop CS4 and CS5 workspace settings with this script

Rejoice! No longer must you hack and slash at your preferences folder to backup or share your workspace -- there's a script to do it for you! Simply grab the script, unzip it, then Files>Scripts>Browse in Photoshop.

The ingenious engineers at Adobe are obviously hard at work on CS6, and this script is likely an early example of what we can expect in the next iteration of the Creative Suite. John Nack, commenting on his blog, says that they've wanted to include such functionality for a while, but "it's just that other things have taken priority".

Another commenter mentions cloud synchronization: wouldn't it be neat if you could sync your workspace, brushes and tool presets into the cloud with CS Live? John Nack says he's been pushing it for years. Considering he's Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, plus the world's current engrossment and engorgement with cloud services, I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see a slew of cloud-based features in Photoshop CS6.

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