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DoubleTwist continues quest to be iTunes for Android, adds Android market browsing

DoubleTwist may have begun its life as capable iTunes replacement for owners of Apple handhelds, but it's now well on its way to becoming iTunes for Android.

In a recent update, DoubleTwist has added a sidebar option to browse the Android Market. The DoubleTwist setup also has one important advantage over Google's web version: a search box. It still seems odd to me that a company who made their name in search would omit that option from the Android Market site.

DoubleTwist's search works well, too. Just key in what you're after and it quickly returns all the matching results. 820 results for porn? Dang, maybe Steve was right after all...

On the downside, DoubleTwist doesn't offer category-based browsing yet. If I had to pick, I'd probably rather have search, but it's nice to have options -- and I'd fully expect to see categories added in an upcoming DoubleTwist release.

One thing that would be nice, DT crew, is if we could get our hands on DoubleTwist for Linux now. Whaddya say?

Thanks for the tip, Logan!
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