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It's Quit Facebook Day, are you in or out?

It's May 31st, which makes it not only Memorial Day here in the States, but also the first officially unofficial Quit Facebook Day.

You may have noticed that Facebook has been getting a lot of attention from us recently, and it's really no surprise given the amount of public sentiment toward the social-networking site. About a week ago, one of those posts was about a movement to get users to leave the network in droves, spearheaded by the website

Well, it's time to ante up.

Earlier this month, a couple of our writers up and quit the network, setting their accounts on the path to peaceful rest. According to the counter on, some 26,000 users have pledged to quit just like they did, making this Blue Monday a Facebook Blue Monday -- or so they hope. Considering the fact that Facebook has somewhere in the range of 400 million users, 26,000 just doesn't seem substantial enough to make Mark Zuckerberg shed a tear.

That being said, we're still curious. Are you quitting today?

Are you quitting Facebook?
Yep.421 (25.1%)
I just can't quit you, Facebook.668 (39.8%)
I'm thinking about it...588 (35.1%)

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