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Opera strikes back at Chrome speed tests with a potato benchmark


Remember those Chrome speed tests? Well, apparently the guys at Opera saw them too, and wanted to one-up Google. The only issue was what approach to take. Google's tests are apparently very well funded and are done by a large crew of dedicated professionals.

PR budgets and relative size differences being what they are, Opera wasn't left with much of a choice but to play the underdog card, ... and they played it hard.

In a highly scientific speed test, you can see a couple of overdone Norwegians trying to pit the Opera browser against the time it takes to cook a potato. I don't want to ruin the end, but let's just say that Opera does come out on top.

This is one brilliant PR move in my opinion. It takes guts and a real sense of humor to play the underdog with such grace, especially when your browser is incredibly fast and is actually on par with Chrome in terms of performance.

A more "traditional" company would probably do everything in its power to keep ahead of Google and somehow create an even more elaborate speed test. Kudos to Opera for keeping things lighthearted and fun!

You can watch the video after the jump – you won't regret it!

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