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Google releases list of 1,000 largest websites, lets advertisers target those sites

If you're an advertiser, you can now use Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner to exclusively target the 1,000 largest websites on the Internet.

If you're a mere enthusiast -- or a nerd -- you can now feast your eyes upon an updated-monthly list of the largest domains on the Web. Unlike 'guesstimate' sites like Alexa, Google uses its sticky, all-encompassing web of data sources (Google Toolbar, Analytics and others) to derive very accurate figures.

There aren't any surprises in the top five -- Facebook, Yahoo, Live, Wikipedia, MSN -- but sitting in 10th place is Mozilla, and Adobe is 14th! Amazon and Ebay are at 22nd and 24th respectively. Apple languishes in a rather 'exclusive' 27th position.

If you do a quick bit of maths, it's quite obvious that Microsoft still has the lion's share of Internet traffic -- but that might be because Google's properties are missing from the list (for some reason).

Still, it's one heck of a list. Click through to's site profile: check out how many of its 570 billion page views comes from applications like FarmVille; Yahoo is still growing; Blogspot blogs seem to have more engagement than Wordpress blogs... and so on. Have a play with the list and report anything interesting in the comments!
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