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AOL Tech adds HTML5-powered drag-and-drop uploading

HTML5 features are slowly creeping into our favorite Web apps. Recently, Google added drag-and-drop attachment support to Gmail. If you're using an up-to-date browser with built-in HTML5 kung fu, you've got a plug-in free way to upload files from your desktop.

Today, turned on drag-and-drop as well. If you've got an account, just sign in and head to your dashboard. Select a file (or multiple files) from your desktop, drag them into your tab and let 'em go! Gotta love the title on the official blog post: "Drag and Drop it Like it's Hot." (Snooooooop?)

Drag-and-drop might be a fairly small addition, but it's also an extremely welcome one. It's a great way to simplify interaction between my system and the cloud, and it's certainly nice to be able to move files into my browser the same way I can from folder to folder on my desktop.

[via CNET]

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