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TrashMe is a free and thorough application deleter for your Mac

Deleting an app in Mac OS X is sometimes as simple as dragging it to the trash, but more often than not, there are associated files and preferences scattered around your hard drive. When you want to delete an app the right way, without leaving behind those pesky related files, give TrashMe a shot. It's a free app deleter from JibApps that's compatible with OS X 10. Snow Leopard.

I've tried (and liked) AppZapper and other alternatives, but there are some things that TrashMe seems to do better. For instance, when I did a side by side comparison, TrashMe caught more related files. It also doesn't require you to drag-and-drop apps to delete them (although you can if you want to), and it lets you look for apps outside the applications folder. I'm not saying there aren't other file deleters, but I definitely like what I see from TrashMe. The price is right, too.

[via Free Download a Day]

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