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Fring now taps your Android phone's front-facing camera for video chat

As if it wasn't enough that Fring already provided a single app to chat with your friends on multiple IM networks, and make voice calls, they've just released a new update for Android phones which enables video calling.

If you've got an Android handset with a front-facing camera like the HTC Evo or Samsung Galaxy. Former Download Squad editor Brad Linder gave Fring a shot on his N1 running Froyo, but didn't have much success. While the Fring blog post mentions the N1, Brad thinks the issue might be the phone's lack of a second camera coupled with the fact that he's running Android 2.2.

Fring's blog post does state that you can use the app with single-camera phones -- you're just limited to half-duplex chats with copious phone-flipping involved.

Check the demo video after the break, or go download the new Fring app for Android and give it a go on your device.

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