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Adobe rewrites Wired Magazine iPad app without Flash, gets it approved by Apple

Wired Magazine's official iPad app was an early casualty of Apple's war on Flash. Working with Wired publisher Conde Nast, Adobe built the app in Flash, but then they had to rewrite using Apple-approved Objective C. Adobe completed the new app and just got it approved for sale in the App Store. The app is a proof of concept for building a magazine app with the same tools Wired uses to make the magazine itself. It costs 5 bucks in the App Store, about the same price as a print magazine.

In that respect, Wired and Adobe succeeded: the magazine looks great, and (although it takes up half a gig) it can be viewed entirely offline. That includes video clips and other rich media. This is good news for owners of the non-3G iPad, who can take the magazine with them even where there's no Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Apple's no-Flash policy means Adobe failed to make an app that will run on every platform. Whether that's a knock against Flash or against Apple is a matter of perspective.

[via All Things D]
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