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Local Dirt helps you buy locally grown food

Local Dirt

I really like the whole Slow Food movement. I think buying locally grown food can really have an impact, both on your health and on the planet. It's not always easy to find a farmers' market nearby, though.

Local Dirt is a website that tries to help with that. You feed it your address, and it shows you (on a Google map) what local food markets are close by.

Technologically, the site still has a way to go. For example, when I clicked the entry for Park Slope Community Markets, the page I received was very light on information. In fact, it had just an address -- it couldn't even tell me what days/times the market is open.

The site seems to have a rudimentary system for ordering online, but it's not implemented for many of the markets. There is also no clear label showing which markets support online ordering and which don't, so it's really a hit-or-miss experience.

While the site is far from perfect, I think it does provide a valuable service. There should be more sites like it. In fact, if you know of a better one, let me know in the comments, and I might just follow it up!

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