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Sitehoover is a speed dial page with RSS support


I've been searching for a good start page for some time now. While I haven't found anything which is just what I need, I did come across some interesting options, and Sitehoover seems at least worthy of a mention. Like most start pages, it seems to be geared toward novice users.

But that doesn't mean it's crappy. Sitehoover lets you set up folders with your sites; once you feed it an address, it generates a thumbnail and proposes a name for it. The thumbnails then work just as you would expect; clicking the thumbnail takes you to the site.

One feature which does set Sitehoover apart is integrated RSS support. It is obviously meant for users who have never used RSS before, as they never quite seem to call it by name. But the icon is an RSS icon, and when you click it you get a nicely-formatted feed for that site.

You can place your sites into folders, but I could not figure out how to view the thumbnails for a folder. It seems as if once I put a site into a folder, it is only accessible through the folder list on the right. This list also has an RSS icon for each site, and is actually better than the main view because the icon becomes gray when there are no new items for that feed.

Of course there's also the ubiquitous Google search box at the top. The site doesn't seem to support any other search engines.

While it is by no means unique, Sitehoover is a pretty clean implementation of the same familiar concept. If your grandmother needs a start page, she could certainly do worse.

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