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Android 2.2 Froyo starts rolling out for Nexus One

It's a great weekend for owners of Google's Nexus One phone. Android 2.2 Froyo has started rolling out to Nexus One phones, bringing snappier performance, wifi tethering and Flash support along with it. So far, the blog buzz on Froyo is coming from bloggers with review units -- where's my review N1, Google? -- like our counterparts at Engadget. Although you might not have received an over-the-air upgrade to Froyo yet, there's a way you can get it on your Nexus One now.

Users on some of the main Android forums have discovered that Google is already hosting a download of Froyo for the Nexus one. Although it takes some doing, you can get it on your phone a little bit early by following these instructions from a developer forum. Because I don't have a test Nexus One on hand, I can't confirm that this installation process works, but the link to the OS download is for real.

Of course, you could always wait a few days and get the OTA update as it (slowly) rolls out.

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