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Kongregate brings its Flash games to Android platform

Kongregate, one of the most popular destinations on the web for good Flash games, is bringing some of its titles to Google's Android. The mobile-friendly version of the site features with games out of the nearly-30,000 in Kongregate's library, but they've selected games that will translate well to a mobile environment. This will be a good test of whether Flash is going to shake up the mobile world or fall on its face.

According to CNET, the site is talking to some of its most popular game developers in an effort to get them to adapt their games for Android. The lack of a mouse isn't the main problem with translating the games to a touchscreen, the Kongregate folks say. As it turns out, you can pretty easily set the trackpad to work with hover events. The real problem is with games that require a physical keyboard.

Apparently battery life hasn't been a crippling issue in tests of the Kongregate games on Android, despite what Steve Jobs has said. Still, the Kongregate folks recommend hooking up your charger if you're going to get into an intense gaming session.

Whether you're a Flash supporter or not, getting a ton of new, free games on your phone doesn't leave much to complain about.
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