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Penzu helps you write your thoughts privately online, but why?


I don't get it. A Web application for "writing in private?" What's the point? Penzu apparently received glowin praise from some of the best-known media outlets on the Web. PC Mag gave it the "Best Free Software of 2009" award. Am I the only one left wondering what the ...?

Penzu puts you in front of a neat little paper-like "page" that is lined and everything. You can then write your thoughts and add pictures, and you can keep it private or "share it if you want." Okay, so there is a sharing option; it doesn't seem to be an RSS feed or anything like that. You just get a public link, or you can email your entry to one or more recipients.

I still don't get it. I'm sorry ... I really tried. What exactly does this thing give me that Notepad doesn't? Portability? How many people work from so many computers every day that they can't just use Notepad + Dropbox?

Okay, maybe the ability to integrate pictures. Would I really want to integrate photos into a journal entry I'm writing for myself? Even if I would, Evernote can let me do it far more easily, and once again, it's perfectly portable and cloud synced.

So really, ... either I am way off my mark here, or Penzu is a Web service with absolutely no point and no added value, save for the charming "Web 2.0" graphics. What do you guys think?

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