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Exclusive video: DLS interviews Pomplamoose "YouTube band"


Okay, let me get this out of the way first: Pomplamoose are awesome!!! I'm a huge fan, so I was overjoyed when Jack and Nataly agreed to grant me an exclusive 15-minute interview, chock full of nerdy goodness and hard-core technical information on how they create their music.

In case you don't know them, you should really go watch their YouTube channel. They're a musical duo, and they are getting tons of views for their work -- 3.5 million views on a Beyonce cover, for example, and over 850,000 for their latest original (non-cover) song. They are successful enough to make a living off their art, and they've actually turned down offers from the four major labels because they're doing just fine on their own. They were amongst the first musicians to participate in YouTube's revenue sharing program, and YouTube asked them to create a video for it. In short, they are a rising cultural force.

While they have a lot to say on social media and marketing, when I interviewed them I was mainly curious to find out more about the creative process -- how they actually make the songs, what software they use, how does it all come together and how difficult (or easy) it is.

Jack has some pretty interesting stuff to say about "when to ship", and about the question of quantity vs. quality. It's near the end of the video, and it's applicable to anyone trying to create any sort of product, software very much included. The interview is really funny and casual, like most of their work.

After the jump you can find their most recent original video, as well the interview itself.

Thanks again, Jack and Nataly!

First, a VideoSong:

And now, the interview in two parts:

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