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Mozilla begins rolling nightly builds of Firefox for Android

Development on Firefox for Android continues to hum along, and today there's some great news for testers. Mozilla has flipped the switch on their nightly build machine -- giving you easy access to the latest compiles for your Android handset.

Caveat emptor, says Mozilla's Stuart Parmenter. The browser is still buggy -- as you'd expect from an alpha version -- and may lock up your phone and require the occasional reboot. Brad at Mobiputing has taken the latest build for a test drive and reports that page rendering is speedy but the UI feels a bit sluggish. Mozilla's new start page for the mobile browser is now live and it's pretty slick.

Page zooming is still not what you'd like it to be on a mobile device, with only two options available -- zoomed in or not zoomed in -- and pinch to zoom has yet to be added.

The latest mobile trunk build is available for download from Mozilla's FTP server.
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