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Kindle for Android will arrive this summer, with in-app book buying

Amazon's getting ready to go to war with Apple and the iPad in the e-book market, and it's about to bring out the big guns. Kindle for Android will reportedly launch this summer, with a feature that other mobile Kindle apps (including Kindle for iPad and iPhone, ahem) don't have: the ability to buy books directly from the app.

The iPhone and iPad apps would have that ability, too, but Apple would count the books as in-app purchases under its App Store terms of service. That means Amazon would have to let Apple take a 30% commission, and that's no way to stay ahead of the iPad bookstore.

The Kindle apps still have the advantage of seamless cross-platform syncing, so they're viable even if the Kindle hardware loses out to tablets like the iPad.

[via TechCrunch]

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