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Google unveils Chrome Web App Store: show us your surprised face

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Google would create some kind of a marketplace for Chrome OS. They've got one for Android devices, after all, so it stands to reason that they'd want something similar available to users of their upcoming Chrome OS on tablets and netbooks. At Google I/O, they've just taken the wraps off it at (internal access only at this point, sorry folks!).

Here's an interesting twist, though. The Chrome Web Store will host apps that are written in standard web code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) -- so they should run in any standards-compliant browser on any OS. That shouldn't really come as a surprise either: Google has said all along that the Chrome browser you're already using on Windows, Mac, and Linux is Chrome OS.

Who better to push a web app store than Google? They'll be able to tie it in to loads of their own products and process payments for purchased apps using Google Checkout. It'll figure prominently in Chrome OS and probably in Android as well.

So what can you expect to find in the Chrome Web Store? The same kinds of things you can find anywhere that sells software. Gizmodo's posted a handful of images showing the Sports Illustrated and Plants vs. Zombies, and the post also mentions a pure web-code version of Lego Star Wars. Awesome.

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