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Google buys a VoIP company, might build a Skype competitor

Is Google getting ready to go toe-to-toe with Skype in the voice-and-video-over-IP market? Google's move to purchase a VoIP software maker, Global IP Solutions, certainly suggests that it might be a possibility. GIPS is an established player that currently provides Internet calling for companies including Oracle, Samsung, Yahoo!, and AOL, and it could add a lot to Google's current VoIP offerings (which are built into Google Talk).

Google Talk by itself was never going to beat Skype. It was more of a value-add for Google's text chat service than a selling point of its own. With this new acquisition, though, can Google's money and resources displace the company that turned Internet calling into a verb (Skype me!) in the same way that Google became a verb for search?

[via ZDNet]

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