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Explorer++ is a must-know Explorer replacement


I love Total Commander. I can't live without it, really. When I realized we've never featured Explorer++, though, I was actually quite surprised.

Not everyone wants to spend $38 on a file manager. While plenty of powerful free alternatives exist, Explorer++ is one of the more compelling ones. I know many of you know it, but some of you may not.

It is open-source, free, and positively tiny; it weighs in at around 380KB. Oh, and it's portable, too (you need to go to Options > General > Run in portable mode). For a package so small, it certainly packs a respectable punch. It has a built-in bookmarking system ("Favorites"), selection wildcards, internal search, a tabbed interface, and quite a few other surprises.

Sadly, it does not have a Commander-style dual-pane interface. For me, that's a must. However, if you're used to the Explorer paradigm and wish to try out a free alternative with a low learning curve, you should definitely consider Explorer++.

While we're on the subject of free file managers, I would like to write a post with some of your best tips and tricks for FAR (which is a much nerdier file manager). So, if there are any DLS users with a penchant for FAR and some neat tricks up their sleeve, do share in the comments and I will credit you in the post.

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