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Total Commander 7.55 RC1 is out, now faster than ever

Total Commander

Christian Ghisler just published Total Commander 7.55 RC1. This is very exciting news for all Total Commander users, of which there should probably be more.

I've been using Total Commander for years now -- since the time it was still called Windows Commander. But rather than wax nostalgic, let me tell you about the single coolest feature in this new release: It is fast.

I mean fast. Christian relegated many time-consuming operations to the background, so the GUI is super-snappy now. What you see in the screenshot, for example, is what happens when you press SPACE on a folder. Normally that computes how much space that folder takes up on the disk, while you sit there and twiddle your thumbs waiting for it to finish. No more will you have to sit there and wait! In TC 7.55, a question mark appears while the computation is done in the background and the UI remains super-responsive.

That's just one example. There are several other improvements, but the main thing is that this already-nimble program now feels even faster.

Note that this is an RC release, so it's not final. When I installed it on my x64 Windows 7, it installed to the wrong path. Still, this is pretty exciting news, and it's nice to see that Christian is not resting after all of these years.

Tags: filemanagement, rc, shareware, totalcommander