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Remember the Milk and Appigo can't get along; users get screwed

RTM Appigo Todo[Update] As Michael points out in the comments, I neglected to mention that Appigo has worked out a deal with Toodledo to offer a free for 6 months Toodledo PRO account to all affected customers.

Remember the Milk
, if you're not familiar with it, is a very popular web-based task management application that we've frequently covered here at Download Squad. In fact, I've been a big supporter of Remember the Milk in the past, but I have to say that my position has changed.

The user interface in Remember the Milk is awkward at best, and you really need to use a browser or Greasemonkey plug-in to reformat the page to be more usable, particularly if you have more than a couple lists and smart lists. I like A Bit Better RTM for Chrome, and it's also available for Firefox.

Unfortunately, the UI problems are not only on the web version; the mobile version for iPhone has text that is comically large, making it great for people with poor eyesight, but only if their tasks have no more than a couple of words in them. The text doesn't wrap, and instead is just cut off. There is also an official Remember the Milk iPhone app, but it too suffers from the same huge text syndrome.

Until very recently there was a much better choice for iPhone users in the form of Appigo's Todo iPhone application that supported synchronization with Remember the Milk. Unfortunately, as of last week the two companies are locked in a disagreement over Appigo's use of RTM's API for a new iPad version of Todo. RTM's position is that the iPad is a new platform, and therefore Appigo needs to purchase another commercial API license. Appigo's position is that the codebase is identical between the iPhone and iPad versions since they both run iPhone OS (they say they didn't need to change a thing in the sync code), and feel they are justified in using the API license for iPhone OS that they already have.

As a user, I don't really care who is right here, except that this dispute has caused RTM to unilaterally and without warning turn off Appigo Todo's access to the API, including for existing iPhone users. Worse, it doesn't look like it's going to come back any time soon.

Since RTM's iPhone user interfaces are pretty terrible, this leaves me in the position of needing to look for an alternative task management system. Luckily, there's no shortage of great options to choose from.

To both Remember the Milk and Appigo: you've both taken my money, and left me without a usable task management system because you can't get along. Shame on both of you. I certainly won't be recommending either of your products in the future.

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