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Chocri lets you show your love with custom-made chocolate


This is not a "tool" in the normal DLS sense of the word; rather, it's a "romance tool." Think of it as a little love life tip from DLS, helping you to be a more desirable geek.

Chocri is a website that lets you create your own custom chocolate bar. Once you select a "base" chocolate, the site's AJAX-y interface lets you tab through dozens of different toppings and select up to six to put on your very own custom chocolate bar.

Toppings range from mundane stuff like raisins and hazelnuts, to exotic stuff like wasabi peanuts (I don't even know what those are) and "volcano cashews," all the way through to stuff like organic mint leaves and candied lilac.

Each custom creation comes with a bar code. If you create something you really like, you can easily order it again by simply entering its bar code number at the beginning of the process.

It's worth noting that these are toppings. Like pizza toppings, they are not embedded into the chocolate itself while it's made, but rather they are sprinkled on top of it once the bar is already done.

The stuff isn't cheap, either. A bar with four toppings can easily set you back around $10.00. If you have a chocolate aficionado in your life, though, this can be a very memorable present.

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