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Web Hosting Reviews lets you pick a host that's right for you in a jiffy

Hosting Reviews

Hosting Reviews is a neat free service for comparing a myriad of Web hosts. It uses a rich, AJAX-y filtering system with plenty of parameters. The list is dynamically updated as you apply various filter criteria, and it's very easy to narrow down to the exact hosts that offer the features you need.

In their press release, they make a pretty bold claim: "Unlike many hosting comparison sites -- we don't merely recommend the first host that cuts a cheque for $10,000 that month." I have to say that, based on the short spin I gave the site, it seems true. Filtering appears to be both robust and objective, and there are plenty of criteria that you can pick and choose from.

Do you have other sources for trusted Web host reviews with quality filtering? Let me know in the comments, and I might post a follow-up!

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