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Gyazo provides instant, zero-hassle screenshot sharing


So you want to quickly share a screenshot with someone. Take a screenshot, put it in your Dropbox Public folder, right-click the file, copy the public link, and paste it in the chat window ... lather, rinse, repeat. This gets tedious after a while.

Gyazo makes short work of this workflow, paring it down to one simple operation. You run Gyazo, take the screenshot, and you're done. A browser window will open showing your screenshot that is already on the Gyazo website and a link to the image is already in your clipboard. All that remains is to paste the link wherever you want to show it!

That is it. Gyazo is minimalism embodied; it's strictly a one-trick pony. The screenshot that you see above is all the UI you will see; it's just a browser window with the image that you took. There isn't even a "capture screenshot" button. Gyazo starts up in capture mode, and once you've made your snap, that is it. The image is uploaded and the browser opens with its URL. There are no confirmation dialogs at all. If you made a blunder, just capture another image.

Is there a simple built-in editor? Nope, not for Gyazo. This is as quick-and-dirty as it gets, and it's really quite elegant. I like it.

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