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SkyDrive simple viewer quickly shows your SkyDrive WebDAV paths

A few weeks ago I shared a (fairly) simple way to map local drive letters to your Live SkyDrive shares. It's a nice -- albeit somewhat slow -- way to access and manipulate your files in the cloud.

In my tutorial, I used Microsoft Office 2010's save to web functionality to find the URLs I needed. As it turns out, there's a much easier way: SkyDrive Simple Viewer.

Extract the .zip file to a folder on your computer and launch the executable. Once the main window opens, input your username and password and log in. A complete list of your folders will appear on the left, and you can click each one to display its WebDAV address on the right. Simple Viewer also shows you which files are stored in the folder you've selected.

SkyDrive Simple Viewer is a free, portable download and you can find it at Codeplex.

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